Booster Pump - Replacement Parts Diagram

ID Part No. Description
1 AX6060UNPAK Union Connector Kit
2 AX6060Z1 Screw Kit
3 SPX1495Z1 Union O-Ring
4 AX6060A Volute
5 AX6060C Impeller
ID Part No. Description
6 AX6060S Housing O-Ring
7 SPX2700SA Shaft Seal Assembly
8 AX6060E Seal Plate with Drain Plug
9 SPX0125F Water Slinger
10 SPX3200Z5PAK4 Motor Bolt Kit (Set of 4)
ID Part No. Description
11 SPX2707Z1B 3/4 HP Motor
12 SPX4000FG Drain Plug with O-Ring
13 AX6060G Motor Support