Super II™ Max Rated - Replacement Parts Diagram

ID Part No. Description
1A SPX3000AA 1-1/2 in. Housing, Knob Lid Style
1B SPX3020AA 2 in. Housing, Knob Lid Style
1C SPX3120AAZ 2 in. Housing, Threaded Lid Style
2 SPX3000M Strainer Basket
3 SPX3000S Strainer Cover O-Ring
4A SPX3000D Strainer Cover, Knob Style
4B SPX3100D Strainer Cover, Threaded
4C SPX3100DB Strainer Cover for Biguanide
5 SP3100T Pump Lid Removal Tool
6 SPX3000T Housing Gasket
7 SPX1600R Diffuser Gasket
8A SPX3000BN 1/2 HP - 1-1/2 HP Diffuser
8B SPX3021B 2 HP - 3 HP Diffuser
9A SPX3005R 3/4 HP - 1-1/2 HP Impeller Ring
9B SPX3021R 2 HP - 3 HP Impeller Ring
ID Part No. Description
10A SPX3005C 1/2 HP Impeller
10B SPX3007C 3/4 HP Impeller
10C SPX3010C 1 HP Impeller
10D SPX3016C 1-1/2 HP Impeller
10E SPX3021C 2 HP Impeller
10F SPX3026C 3 HP Impeller
11 SPX1600Z2 Shaft Seal Assembly
12 SPX3020E Seal Plate
13 SPX0125F Water Slinger
14 SPX0125Z44 Motor Bolt (Set of 4)
15 SPX3000F Motor Mounting Plate
16 SPX3000Z26 Housing Bolt Washer (Set of 6)
17 SPX1600Z4 Housing Bolt
18A SPX1605Z1M 3/4 HP Motor
18B SPX1607Z1M 1 HP Motor
ID Part No. Description
18C SPX1607Z2M 1 HP Motor, 2-Speed
18D SPX1610Z1M 1-1/2 HP Motor
18E SPX1610Z2M 1-1/2 HP Motor, 2-Speed
18F SPX1615Z1M 2 HP Motor
18G SPX1615Z2M 2 HP Motor, 2-Speed
18H SPX1620Z1M 2-1/2 HP Motor
18I SPX1620Z2M 2-1/2 HP Motor, 2-Speed
18J SPX1625Z1M 3 HP Motor
19 SPXHKIT2 H-KIT Quick Pump Repair Kit
20 SPX1700FG 1/4 in. Drain Plug with Gasket
21 SPX3000SR Riser Base (Sta-Rite/Dura-Glas)
22 SPX1600Z52 Mounting Foot Screws (Set of 2)
23 SPX3000GA Mounting Bracket w/Adapter